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Beberash a brand that was initiated by a young entrepreneur who convinced that Peru was not possible to absolutely find some natural drinking option, he decided to be guided by his intuition and his 15-year career as an engineer in food, to develop a drink inspired in "Iced teas" to be consumed in the United States.

Export to Japan was the light that allowed him to develop a product that could be preserved without preservatives, returning to Peru he found a peasant community that was practically abandoned area Huiro in Cusco who cultivated the Camellia Sinensis better known as plant tea. BEBERASH launched the first Peruvian Iced tea, who at the insistence of our founder, did 100% natural, obtained from brewering natural tea leaves. Over the years they were born new lines of beverages each with its own brightness, Juices Nectars with 30% fruit, local drinks such as chicha and the emollient and the last line Chia drink drink made of chia seeds. We will continue the search for natural ingredients for our fans

If you want to live healthy, eat healthy. If you have not tried any of our 25 proposals, we invite the world BEBERASH


Always propose healthier and innovative options in the food and beverage market. Teaching our clients that a very healthy alimentation is synonymous of a very lasting and happy life.


Be a prestigious transnational Company of healthy food and beverage; which is chosen and recognized worldwide by the lastest technique use to preserve the food naturally without using any preservatives. Communicating each client that the health is related directity to our daily alimentation.

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